An Amazing Hanging Tree Cow Dog

Posted on: November 20th, 2009 by Webmaster No Comments

I sold a pup to a man about 2 years ago who had never worked cattle with dogs before. After the pup was about 14 months old, he called me wanting help training the pup. When he showed up with the pup she was something to see! She was a really nice looking, slick-haired pup that wanted to eat cattle alive. Just the kind of pup I like to work with.

The first time we worked her it was pretty much a wreck. She just flew into the heard and went wild. It took a bit but we got her under control.  After that first try, we started working her 2 to 3 times a week through the summer. Soon she became a really great working dog.

About a month into her training she got to where her owner could get her to lay down behind cattle then bring the cattle to him wherever he happened to be walking. He could even send her out to bring cattle to him. I believe he has maybe 12 cow-calf pairs and  he can move them wherever he wants with just him and his dog – while he’s on foot! He really enjoys working with his cows and his Hanging Tree Cow Dog and it sure has made gathering his cattle an easy chore.

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