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Here is some advice for dog owners who let their dogs sniff on people when they come to the house to visit. There is no reason for this rude behavior. I feel that the person being sniffed on should either be allowed to make the dog stop by scolding it or slapping the owner. Or both!

Let’s say a lady drives up to somebody’s house and the man comes out and says hello then his buddy comes up to the lady and starts sniffing on her. She would probably slap the snot out of him. Or knee him…or do both! The same thing should apply to the dog. It’s really sad when you see a lady get out of her vehicle and a dog goes over to her and puts its nose between her legs. No woman likes this and there is nothing funny about it. It’s very embarrassing and makes women feel uncomfortable.

I believe this behavior is due to a lack of training of the dog by the owner. Sometimes the owner doesn’t know how to solve this problem or where to go get help or that this is even a problem at all!

It’s really common for a dog to want to go sniff on a person when they show up but the owner should not allow this to happen. If the dog is trained right all the owner should have to do is say “no” when the dog starts toward the person.

To break this habit the dog-owner needs to teach the dog what “no” means. So how do I teach my dog what “no” means? Here’s an example; whenever my dog tries to jump on me I say “no” then step on his back foot or bump him with my knee. Then I call him to me and pet him but do not let him jump on me. That way he knows he can come up to me anytime but he cannot jump on me. When someone else comes over to my place I make sure they do not let my dog jump on them. I also tell them to say “no” to my dog and step on his back foot or knee him if necessary.

Sometimes a person can stop a bad behavior from happening just by staring at the dog and saying “no” in a very firm voice, but it is more effective to teach your dog the word “no” from the beginning.

Once you’ve started this training you’ll soon be able to just say “no” to your dog and he will stop whatever it is he is doing. He will have learned that “no” means that whatever behavior he is doing will get him in some hurt and trouble if he doesn’t stop and he’ll learn not to do that behavior.

A lot of people have a hard time teaching their dogs what “no” means. To me it’s a simple command that means “you cannot do what you’re doing – STOP”.

If you own a dog that sniffs on women or does other unwanted behavior and you can’t fix the problem yourself, you should think about contacting me for help in getting rid of unwanted behavior.

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