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Our Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs and Cowdog Crosses in Action

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Not only do we breed, raise and train Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs, Cattle Master Dogs and Hangin’ Tree Cowdog/Cattle Master Dog crosses, we also use our dogs in true field situations.With our dogs, we provide many kinds of Cattle Services for farmers, ranchers and small-herd cattle owners. Whether it’s the cattle owner who just has a couple of head he needs loaded in the trailer to the working cattle ranches that have 300+ head of cattle being moved across hundreds of acres, our dogs excel at the task. Our dogs have worked with wild range bulls and cow/calf pairs to the ornery steer who busted through the fence and is in the neighbors backyard. Our dogs always make rounding up cattle easier.


Back on the farm, our dogs are regularly worked on cattle in the arena and in our fields. Our cattle get dog-broke pretty quick so we try to refresh our cattle herd often.

Whether it’s on our farm or that 1000 acre ranch, we usually have someone with a camera on hand! This way, when we talk about the quality of our dogs and how hard they work, we have photos and video to back that up.  We hope you enjoy checking out our photos & videos and we hope they inspire you to get a Hangin’ Tree Cowdog for all your cattle needs!

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