Gathering Cattle

Washington Cattle Drive – April 2010

Cattle Drive in Othello, WA. April 16th, 2010.

Photos by Robin L. Corey (503-431-1270)

Montana Cattle

Here are some pictures of Jodi, her horse Tator and her dog Tren pushing about 165 replacement heifers along a fence. Every year we go to Montana on vacation and to visit our friends, the Allisons who live and work on a large cattle ranch. Jason, my son, is sitting at the gate to help turn them in. It‘s amazing what you can do with a good horse, a good dog and of course a good cowgirl!

Also, pictures of some tired people, dogs and horses after a long day of moving cattle in Montana!

Rounding up Cattle Feb. 2008

Check out the dog action here!

Cow Gathering in Albany – Sept. 2007

Gathering a wild calf for a guy down in Albany, OR. There’s a story that goes with this … read “One Wild Calf” on the Stories/Blog Page!

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