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2012 Cow Dog & Obedience Training Clinic Testimonials

January 2012 Clinic Participant
Heidi was just 6 months old and the main objective of coming to the clinic was to get her and us started on the right training path so we could become a team to work our stock and keep us both safe as she grows and matures into a working stock dog. Heidi is learing at her pace as am I learing how to set her up to succeed.

We had a good experience as far as Heidi’s age is concerned. Heidi was the youngest pup there and did well and about what I expected. This clinic was more suited for older dogs and Heidi was probably too young for this clinic but it was a good introduction to what she needs to know to become a good working partner at our farm.

January 2012 Clinic Participant
My dog has had some major dog aggression issues and also does not respect me as a leader. I was hoping to learn how to get him to respect and listen to me, as well as work with socializing him with other dogs.

"1 Week Later:" Today was amazing. I took him to the West Linn dog park this morning. We started off with a walk on the trails to get him some exercise and focus and to burn off some of his extra energy. Since I know that most of his issues stem from me anticipating bad behavior, I committed to not expecting something bad to happen and let him off leash in the dog park. There were probably 10-20 other dogs there, playing and chasing balls. Tre immediately started running and playing with the other dogs. There was absolutely no aggression shown by him and he didn’t obsessively sniff any specific dog (like he did at the clinic). I was able to throw the ball for him for about 30-45 minutes and there were no issues whatsoever. I never expected to be able to have that type of morning with him. It was AMAZING.

You are amazing. I am absolutely blown away by what I was able to accomplish after just two days of your dog clinics (even though they were two months apart). That was the best money I have ever spent on him. I spent over $600 and three months working with another trainer and I accomplished 10 times as much with you in two days.

I really like your approach to dogs and truly appreciate how you call out the problems on the spot and point out what people are doing wrong (especially me) and how they should be doing it differently. Today, I just let Tre be a dog, and let go of all my worries about him and it was wonderful. Thank you so much.

Daniel Wilcox

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