Cow Dog & Obedience Clinics

Come to one or hold your own!

Cow Dog Clinic 2011Marvin Pierce holds cow dog and obedience clinics most months here in Newberg, OR. These are tailored to small groups so every dog gets lots of instruction and attention.

Marvin will cover the fundamentals of starting a dog on cattle to fine-tuning a dog that’s already working cattle. He’ll also help folks overcome common and “not-so-common” obedience issues such as fighting, chasing horses, not coming when called and unruly & ill-mannered behavior.

Marvin’s main objective is that folks leave the clinic with a dog that is better behaved, smarter on cattle and a pleasure to be around. And as always he wants everyone to have FUN! Some specifics that will be covered in the clinic are:

  • pen cattle using your dog
  • get your dog to “down” when asked
  • position you dog so you can get your cattle penned
  • have your dog come to you when called
  • teach your dog to leave your horses alone
  • keep your dog from fighting other dogs
  • address issues such as aggression, barking, running off, chasing horses/livestock and more
  • keep your dogs attention on YOU, no matter how busy and chaotic the environment
  • …as well as covering individual training issues and participant-generated requests

Clinic Participant working her dog on cattle at a Pierce's Cow Dog & Obedience Clinic

Upcoming Clinics will be posted in a banner on this page and the home page. Details for these clinics can be found by clicking on the link.

General Costs: (subject to change)

  • 3-Day 1 Dog = $400 with a maximum of 9 dog/handler teams with 50% down to hold your spot in the clinic (this is a non-refundable deposit)
  • 2nd Dog per day = $75
  • If 6 or more teams are signed up and deposits are in, the host will be able to work the clinic at no charge

For information on UpComing Clinics please check out that page.

Clinics are limited in size so all the dogs get their fare share of attention and work. We require that you pay for your clinic online after you register to hold your spot.

You can use our “Conveniently Pay Online” page or Contact Marvin directly to make other payment arrangements. Please note that your spot will not be held unless it is paid for or other arrangements have been made.

We look forward to working with you and your dog!

Setting Up A Clinic

Do you have a large indoor arena and friends who have dogs? Do you want to hold a Cow Dog & Obedience Training Clinic at your own facilities? Marvin Pierce will travel to your arena to conduct a Cow Dog & Obedience Training Clinic.

You’ll Provide:

  • Arena, Restrooms
  • Advertising & Promotion of Clinic is appreciated
  • Tables for a potluck styled lunch or participants can bring their own lunch

Marvin Pierce Will Provide:

  • Advertising for the clinic on his website and social media platforms
  • dog broke cattle or smaller stock (goats/sheep) – where possible

If you are interested in booking Marvin for a clinic, contact him to make arrangements.

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