Selecting A Pup

Hanging Tree Cowdog pup litter

How to pick a pup is a difficult question to answer because you want a dog that will be both a good working dog, and also a good companion. At the puppy stage it is not possible to really know an individual dog’s instincts and later trained ability to be a working Cowdog.

However, here are some traits and attributes we look for in a pup that may be helpful:

  • Good looks with short slick hair, good clean coat, nice face, and overall good looks.
  • Friendly, outgoing disposition.
  • Playful and alert.
  • Eager to approach you.
  • Curious, active, and aware of surroundings.
  • Strong, agile.

Hanging Tree Cowdogs working cattle

It’s also helpful, when possible, to watch the parents work. Both parents should be good working dogs. And they should both be registered with the Hangin’ Tree Cowdog Association (HTCA)

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